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When Zuckerberg invests, he knows what he’s paying for

Why is WhatsApp worth as much as SFR? This French telecommunications company  is well known for the strength of its network investments. But today value is more defined by the user experience than by the product or service you’re buying. – Manuel Diaz, President of Emakina.FR – Some recent developments are indicative of how the […]


Emakina’s Simpsonizer Adrien Noterdaem stars on Wired

Emakina is a big communication pond filled with digital native talents of all sorts. From creative strategy experts and campaign idea thinkers, fresh cross- social and mobile media minds and developers to web wizards and code geeks (and proud of it, dude!)… sparks fly around every day.  It’s like chemistry… And when the day is […]


Emakina’s partners leading the Forrester list of WCMs by Steven Volders

This week, global research firm Forrester launched its two yearly WCM report, titled “WCM for Digital Experiences”, presenting an in depth look at the 10 WCM vendors, identified as the “most significant providers in this field”. As a leading European agency, we are very pleased to see that our partners are doing so well! No surprises at […]


Today on RTL : Alexia Van Cranenbroeck commenting on Windows 8

RTL’s “Les Teknophiles” programme is dedicating its next show to Microsoft’s Windows 8, inviting Emakina’s Alexia Van Cranenbroeck  as a special guest. Alexia will share her thoughts and insights on what the launch of this new operating system really implies. Windows 8 is a unique combination between a desktop and a tablet interface. Is that […]


Geneva asks ‘Quelle Genève?’, with the help of Emakina.CH

Quelle Genève? With this provocative question, Emakina.CH is at the heart of a new debate on the future of the city of Geneva and the region. Both have resisted to the international crisis. Now the time has come to open up to the world, fight populism and protectionism and invent a new international and positive […]


Food comes to life in Emakina’s EU food safety video

Vegetables do the talking in Emakina’s stop motion video to raise awareness of the importance of food safety and explain how it is assured in the European Union. This video – illustrated with animated food, and narrated by a child – shows the processes food goes through before it reaches you. The Directorate General for […]


KARL LAGERFELD: merging digital and retail is a priceless treasure…

The future of digital retail by KARL LAGERFELD & Emakina wins
in the category ‘Commercial Architecture & Outlet’.


Get your front-row tickets to hear Belgium’s greatest (digital) minds!

The BMMA is a network of over 500 professionals in the fields of management, communication, and marketing. For the past 40 years, this unique association has put together numerous conferences, discussions, presentations, and networking events which foster synergic opportunities and form an exceptional thought incubator. On February 18th 2013, the BMMA will launch the second […]


Emakina shares vision, ideas and fun at Digital Marketing First

At Digital Marketing First in Brussels this October, Emakina once more was one of the key players. Besides being a main sponsors of this sixth edition of ‘the DMF’, Emakina.BE welcomed the +3000 visitors on its stand, bringing them ‘back to nature with a digital spin’. It was in good company, with Emakina’s The Reference […]


We come in peace!

Dear residents of planet Mars, We were just as surprised as you are, to discover the Emakina trade mark on the NASA Curiosity rover. Nonetheless, now that our logo has become an international pop icon, we can fully understand why Emakina was chosen to represent humanity to extra-terrestrials…   We would like to take this opportunity to […]


Brice Le Blévennec nominated for ICT Personality of the Year

Datanews nominated Emakina’s CEO Brice Le Blévennec for ICT Personality of the Year’. He’s in good company, besides 24 other leaders of great organisations, who all set out new beacons on the lively digital seas, steering their crew to new and bright business horizons! Brice’s nomination does not come as a too big surprise. The […]


Oops, we did it again!

We never really think about awards when we launch another digital campaign for one of our clients. But when we suddenly hear that our work was (again) appreciated by a jury, somewhere around the world, we don’t particularly mind… This was the case of the Communicator Awards, one of the leading international awards programmes recognising big ideas […]


Brice Le Blévennec brings us ‘back the future’!

You are not delusional, nor are you in the future! But if you held in your hands today’s edition of Belgian journal Le Soir, you might have asked yourself these questions. The paper is dated 18.12.2137…   Brice Le Blévennec, Emakina’s Chief Visionary Officer, took part in the conceptualisation and contributed some of the articles of this special futuristic […]


Emakina/Integrated designs a campaign against troubles with elections

With local and provincial elections approaching in Belgium, tension is rising for candidates across the land. Women more then ever have a key role to play in creating the new political landscape. Women power! Enter the CFFB, the Council of French Speaking Women of Belgium. This apolitical, independent group of over 60 women associations asked […]


Too sexy for our trademark!

Deep down, we’ve always known we were one of the coolest agencies around. We are reminded of that every time we sit in one of our hyper-creatively designed meeting rooms, when we hear of yet another award we just won, or when our top management is (again) making headlines for its crucial influence. What we did […]

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