Emakina welcomes diamond:dogs agency in the group

We are happy and proud to welcome Austria’s leading digital full-service agency diamond:dogs into the group. This is an important new step in the expansion of Emakina as a major independent European digital agency group. It also will improve our business growth and strengthen our position in the DACH region, as a cutting edge digital […]

Emakina creates economic teamwork videos for DG ECFIN

When the global financial crisis struck, it triggered a worldwide recession, catching Europe in a perfect storm. The Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN) is at the helm of Europe’s efforts to navigate these turbulent seas and guide citizens to peaceful waters. The directorate asked Emakina to help explain these economic challenges facing […]

Finding Your Place on Earth with Emakina

Emakina, in collaboration with Versus Production and O’brother Distribution, set up an online and offline communication campaign for the release of « A Place on Earth » (Une Place sur la Terre) with lead actor Benoît Poelvoorde on September 4th in Belgian theatres. The agency was asked to imagine, design and develop the promotional website of the […]

Emakina.EU welcomes 11 new members to its permanent staff!

Start getting used to the following names: Anne Marchadier became our Senior Content Manager and Social Media Strategist. She comes with over 10 years of experience in communication from organisations such as European Voice and viEUws. Carl De Gussem is our new Strategic Planner. Having worked for over 30 years in communications, and for more […]

Use your power to choose your power!

The EU is taking proactive measures to open the energy market and ensure that EU citizens will have  the choice between different energy suppliers. This gives us, consumers, a new power: we can now change and get  the energy services (and the prices) that suit us best!. But how do you communicate that? How can […]

My Way helps students e-stalk their parents for a car

My Way, a D’Ieteren Group company, helps students gently ‘blackmail’ their parents into buying them a car. How far would you go so your parents would buy you a car? On student.myway.be, they can choose one of five threats to persuade their loving parents. The originality of this campaign is partly based on Google’s DoubleClick […]

Emakina helps VW to Drive Music

VW and Emakina teamed up to invite music lovers to share a ride to the summer festivals. The result is ‘VW Drives Music’: a clever and colourful long-page website, matching music fans, helping them to travel together to the festivals and concerts. The online service is available on the website, or by downloading the IOS or Android app. Although summer is over, you can still join in, and share a ride with other music fans to concerts in all seasons.

One clip could change your entire career path!

Colourful computer animations and international internships – the only possible link between these two is Design is Dead! Our Antwerp-based agency is now adding to its expanding video portfolio the animated promotional clip of the Flanders Trainee Programme. Flanders International, or the Flemish Department of Foreign Affairs, shapes the international policy of the Government of Flanders. […]

If you are a BASE client, Design is Dead has news you will definitely LIKE!

Your Facebook account is no longer just a social network; it just became a highly convenient way for you to securely check and top up your BASE balance! Design is Dead (DID), a proud member of the Emakina Group, joined forces with ‘KPN Group Belgium’ to develop a new Facebook app, designated for this exact […]

EU bureaucracy untangled in a new clip for the Euro-Ombudsman

The European Ombudsman has a critical role as the point of contact of any EU citizen or entity who wishes to appeal against an EU institution. Its role, however, is not always known by those same EU citizens whom the Ombudsman is meant to serve. A new clip, produced by Emakina to be launched today, […]

Emakina is ‘Horizon Interactive Top Agency’, with 19 awards

The Horizon Interactive Awards recognized Emakina as the winner of its new highest distinction, the “Top Agency/ Developer of the year” Award. For the first time in its 13-year history, the jury awarded this special non-entry honor, based on Emakina’s 19 individual award wins, including five ‘Best of Category’ awards. The Horizon Interactive Awards has […]

Food comes to life in Emakina’s EU food safety video

Vegetables do the talking in Emakina’s stop motion video to raise awareness of the importance of food safety and explain how it is assured in the European Union. This video – illustrated with animated food, and narrated by a child – shows the processes food goes through before it reaches you. The Directorate General for […]

You give us two minutes, we’ll give you the ‘Future of Rail’!

At the end of January 2013, the European Commission proposed far reaching measures to encourage more innovation in EU railways by opening domestic passenger markets to competition, as well as substantial accompanying technical and structural reforms.   But how does one raise awareness on such a complex topic, making it relevant to diverse audiences across Europe? In […]

The Spiral: let the figures speak!

The extravagant pan-European production of The Spiral might be officially over; but the way in which it redefined public engagement through  multiple media is still to be studied and explored! Our latest analysis indicates the critical role of the online platform in this international success story. Developed by PKA Wanabe, a member of the Emakina […]

PKA Wanabe is asking for your help in finding six stolen art pieces…

PKA Wanabe, a member of the Emakina Group, was selected to set up the web platform of The Spiral, a cross-border and cross-media interactive game. You might have not heard of it yet but this is about to become the new buzz across Europe!  The Spiral is a television programme, aired simultaneously in eight European […]

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