Emakina is ‘Horizon Interactive Top Agency’, with 19 awards

The Horizon Interactive Awards recognized Emakina as the winner of its new highest distinction, the “Top Agency/ Developer of the year” Award. For the first time in its 13-year history, the jury awarded this special non-entry honor, based on Emakina’s 19 individual award wins, including five ‘Best of Category’ awards. The Horizon Interactive Awards has […]

Audi and Emakina win a Mixx Award for A3 Berline

Audi and Emakina won a Silver Mixx Award for their AUDI A3 Berline campaign, at the IAB Mixx Awards ceremony in Brussels. The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) represents over 200 companies and organisations in the Belgian digital and interactive communication market.     The Award is for the ‘Best Game in Campaign’. It honors the […]

All you’ve wanted to know about nuclear technologies…

…and never knew who to ask – is available on the Nuclear Forum website! The debate about the use of nuclear technologies is vital in many democracies including the Belgian one. However, only few citizens are adequately familiar with the omnipresence of nuclear technologies in our daily lives. This created the need for an online […]

Is Ghent the new Mecca for mobile apps?

The Reference, a proud member of the Emakina Group, has recently announced its partnership with TapCrowd, a ‘self-service’ app building platform. The collaboration between the two Ghent-based companies completes the offering of The Reference/Mobile to a 360° mobile agency  and supports TapCrowd in the further expansion of its success story.  As partners, The Reference/ Mobile  will integrate […]

The Volkswagen Magazine now has a (digital) life of its own!

It’s been a while that Volkswagen publishes its own magazine, covering topics like lifestyle, innovation, and hot news from the automotive industry. Now it was time to give the magazine an online dimension. Emakina was called for this mission of developing, designing and maintaining a highly-visual portal of the VW Magazine. Our approach was to […]

ImgZine and Emakina’s The Reference/Mobile team up

Today, the mobile branch of Emakina’s Ghent based web agency The Reference and real-time social magazine platform provider imgZine announced a new partnership. This cooperation will bring imgZine’s smart and cost-effective mobile publishing solution to Emakina Group’s diverse customers.     imgZine, founded in 2011, was inspired by the success of apps like Flipboard, Pulse […]

The Reference and Energy Lab launch Evy Gruyaert’s Start 2 Run app

The Reference/Mobile, the mobile division of Emakina’s Ghent-based full service digital agency worked together with Energy Lab, expert in sports training and guidance to create Start 2 Run. The app incorporates the latest findings in the field of training and supervision of personal motivation.

Three generations after its birth, Spirou is going digital!

The all-time Belgian classic, published since 1938,  is now more than just a comic-strip journal! Emakina joined forces with Dupuis Editions, creating a digital extension of the comic strip in the form of the Spirou.Z mobile app. In doing so, Dupuis is targeting the children of 2013, using their preferred language: the touch screen. The […]

PC dead, ‘mobile’ out… what’s next? by Thomas De Vos

  Far too early, on a lazy Sunday morning, my excited 6-year old came into the master bedroom, carrying the family iPad. (This was the Sunday morning of the infamous internet failure.) He shouted:  ‘Daddy, the iPad is broken’. Still half asleep I responded that the battery was probably dead… but no, it was still […]

Electrabel Smart Energy app now featuring: Smart thermostat

Winter is here. We know it because our streets are beautifully decorated for Christmas, because we are slowly hibernating into pre-holidays mode, and because the temperatures are dropping and it’s getting prrrrrety damn cold! The challenge is to stay warm while keeping energy consumption as efficiently low as possible. A new revolutionary feature of the […]

Electrabel’s new mobile site, signed Emakina and TBSCG

Together with the Electrabel team, Emakina and TBSCG created the new tailor made Electrabel mobile site. This new website specially made for consultation via mobile devices integrates services for both individuals and professionals. The entire client area is also integrated in this project. The result is a successful balancing act, optimally presenting a vast scope […]

Oops, we did it again!

We never really think about awards when we launch another digital campaign for one of our clients. But when we suddenly hear that our work was (again) appreciated by a jury, somewhere around the world, we don’t particularly mind… This was the case of the Communicator Awards, one of the leading international awards programmes recognising big ideas […]

Emakina’s FIRST app for Windows 8 wins FIRST prize at Belgium’s FIRST Superhackathon!!!

Microsoft’s new operating system for mobile devices, Windows 8, was launched just a few months ago. But that’s exactly the kind of new challenges which stimulate our developerse! That’s why a team of Emakina’s mobile experts participated in Microsoft’s Superhackathon competition. The Superhackathon brought hundreds of young and bright developers who worked simultaneously in four different […]

Didn’t your mother ever tell you to scan your food before you eat?!

No, she probably didn’t. But if Trustbox had existed earlier – she definitely would have!   Trustbox is a new app, designed by The Reference to allow (conscious) consumers to find out what’s in their food by simply scanning items’ barcodes. The app then lists the ingredients, displays nutritional values, and even warns allergic people of potential hazards! […]

Does the iOS 6 impress the geeks?

It’s been just over one month since Apple launched its new operating system for mobile devices – the much-anticipated “iOS 6”. We at Emakina took the new operating system for a (long) test drive to determine whether this is a truly (digital) regime change or just a facelift of our good old Apple devices.  The […]

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