Starwood Social Walls create new visitor experiences

Together with its digital agency Emakina, Starwood developed a custom tool that is popping up in its hotel lobbies worldwide, adding value in the business of tourism and travel. Social wall managers of hotels in locations around the world curate a selection of what’s trending among their Starwood guests, as well as other interesting and […]

Emakina at work with Oculus Rift

All eyes are on Oculus Rift! Facebook recently made another splash in the virtual reality business with its $2.2b Oculus takeover. The social media giant said it would build on Oculus’s technology, particularly its virtual reality headset aimed at gamers. It would also seek to develop the technology for other areas such as communications, education, […]

Electrabel’s blogs pioneer corporate transparency and public engagement

Electrabel has always valued its interaction with the public. Using digital means, the Belgian energy company has been able to encourage a healthy, democratic and transparent public debate on various issues. That is why on its website, built by Emakina, it has incorporated an open blog on which anyone interested can post a question, remark, […]

Emakina’s Bavaria Babes app: football never looked prettier

Emakina’s Bavaria Babes smartphone app lets football fans become “international players” by collecting pictures of themselves with attractive women. Football never looked prettier. Emakina created a new Bavaria app that encourages football fans to collect images of themselves posing next to scantily clad women, through a new free smartphone app on Android and Apple iOS. […]

Blue Band and Planta choose EMAKINA.NL

Emakina.NL has won the pitch for the development and creation of the brand platform websites for Blue Bland (Netherlands) and Planta (Belgium). The digital agency was chosen over two other agencies in the competition. The decisive elements in the decision were Emakina’s clear consumer insights, combined with their strong and creative strategy for a content-driven […]

Emakina helps VW to Drive Music

VW and Emakina teamed up to invite music lovers to share a ride to the summer festivals. The result is ‘VW Drives Music': a clever and colourful long-page website, matching music fans, helping them to travel together to the festivals and concerts. The online service is available on the website, or by downloading the IOS or Android app. Although summer is over, you can still join in, and share a ride with other music fans to concerts in all seasons.

Nest, the Value of Experience

Translated from the text by Manuel Diaz, President of Emakina.FR Nest has been bought by Google.  And what not long ago was perceived as a cute gadget has taken on a whole new dimension, when looking at the big bucks the deal represents. The $ 3.2 billion involved confirm that connected objects are taking centre […]

Electrabel Smart Energy app now featuring: Smart thermostat

Winter is here. We know it because our streets are beautifully decorated for Christmas, because we are slowly hibernating into pre-holidays mode, and because the temperatures are dropping and it’s getting prrrrrety damn cold! The challenge is to stay warm while keeping energy consumption as efficiently low as possible. A new revolutionary feature of the […]

What makes a game serious? Hint: when it wins an (Emakina) award

The answer is actually quite simple. According to the “Le jeu sérieux en Belgique francophone” annual conference (French for “the serious game in French-speaking Belgium”), the development of games has become more and more common in “serious” contexts, such as public-awareness campaigns, marketing a new product or service, or even for educational purposes. Every year, […]

Emakina is the brain behind the Clinique “3 Step Coach” campaign

Clinique, the American cosmetics brand, famous for its allergy-tested products, has decided to engage with its clients differently. Its recent campaign, titled “3 Step coach”, uses a specially designated online platform for this purpose.  Clinique invites users to register as “coaches” on a Facebook Connect application, designed and developed by Emakina. Once registered, the challenge […]

Emakina Group extends EpiServer Solution Partnership

Emakina extends its partnership with Episerver, global expert vendor for web content management and e-commerce software. The agreement confirms the existing track record of successful shared projects and adds new commercial and support possibilities.

EPiServer connects e-commerce and digital marketing to help businesses create unique customer experiences which generate business results. This approach is fully in synchronicity with the approach and success stories of Emakina.

Emakina raises the temperature on the Electrabel Batibouw stand with a fun game

Did you know Emakina manages over 4000 digital projects each year? Besides large collaborations, our people help our clients out on smaller but as interesting projects, focusing there also on customer interaction and value creation. An example of the second kind are the game apps our teams create for fairs, making stands come to life […]

TVcheck’s website for the Euro 2012 created by Emakina*

As a leader and expert of social TV in France, TVcheckhas an intimate understanding of this medium; its DNA and its internal codes. TVcheck is ranked among the top five tweet generators for TV shows’ hashtags (as measured by Tweatreach), making it a significant player among digital audiences In the context of the Euro 2012, TVcheck, […]

Do you watch Food Porn?*

It’s been a few years now that the terms “food porn” or “foodography” have been used in culinary contexts. This new jargon was born in the United States but later expanded into Europe. First, let’s be clear: it’s not about pornography. Food Porn has nothing to do with the art of individuals exposing their bodies […]

Are QR codes really the future of marketing?

This question was raised by DM Institute’s journalist, Eric Van Vooren, who met with Brice Le Blévennec for an interview. The following are excerpts, translated from Dutch to English, of the original article, published in the March 9th edition:     QR Codes: you can’t avoid them. You see them popping up everywhere; sometimes very […]

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