Je ne digitalise pas, je transforme

Si beaucoup d’entreprises se sont engagées sur le chemin de la transformation digitale cela n’a pas été sans heurts, et même si l’horizon est dégagé et prometteur, la route sera longue. Explications de Manuel Diaz, Président d’Emakina.FR. Nos clients, lors d’une première phase, ont souvent fait appel à ces solutions trop provisoires sans se concentrer […]

Emakina on a roll for My Way Preroll

Emakinians rolled up their sleeves for a sweet and snappy My Way Preroll, a brief ‘appetiser clip’ you see when clicking on online content. My Way is the official  network of first-class second hand cars of the D‘Ieteren Group. On a permanent basis, it shares some 2,500 vehicles for sale, from Volkswagen cars and vans, […]

Google Developers Group meets at Emakina in Brussels

Lasst week Emakina in Brussels was – once more – the meeting ground for a fine collection of happy geeks. For the occasion, the Brussels Google Developer kind had taken possession of the main conference room. Selim presents Square’s Otto library Berlin based Android developer Friedger Müffke was one of the creators of the Android […]

Emakina creates economic teamwork videos for DG ECFIN

When the global financial crisis struck, it triggered a worldwide recession, catching Europe in a perfect storm. The Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN) is at the helm of Europe’s efforts to navigate these turbulent seas and guide citizens to peaceful waters. The directorate asked Emakina to help explain these economic challenges facing […]

Anger is a gift!

Tears have dried but the blood of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoonists and staff who were assassinated yesterday still pumps through our veins, stronger than ever! Of course, the emotions impaired many minds and scumbags everywhere are already trying to get a hold of fear in order to favour their own agendas. We just want to scream […]

L’invité de la Quinzaine: Max Aniort, Directeur Général du site Le Collectionist

Tous les quinze jours, retrouvez l’interview de la Quinzaine dans votre Newsletter Food For Thought. Ouvrez vos chakras, boostez votre quotient “cool” et insufflez le bon mot! Et si vous n’êtes pas encore inscrits, rendez-vous ici. Le service sur-mesure dans la location saisonnière existe. Max Aniort, directeur général du site Le Collectionist nous parle de […]

CREA DIGITAL DAY breaks new ground with digital

Every year, Emakina is a key partner of CREA DIGITAL DAY, which features a wide range of digital trends that are rapidly changing our lives. On January 15, 2015 more than 350 people from diverse sectors such as marketing and communications, company CEOs, and media participated in the one-day conference. CREA School organized the event […]

Emakina reaches for the stars for Jaeger-LeCoultre at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie 2015

The SIHH trade fair, the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva celebrated in January 2015 its 25th edition. For this year’s event, the esteemed Maison of Jaeger-LeCoultre invited Emakina to imagine and create a first-class digital experience on its stand, appropriate to the prestige of this annual event. The eminent watchmaker wished to […]

L’invité de la Quinzaine : Jean-Dominique Siegel, cofondateur de We Demain

Tous les quinze jours, retrouvez l’interview de L’invité de la Quinzaine dans votre newsletter Food For Thought. Ouvrez vos chakras, boostez votre quotient “cool” et insufflez le bon mot ! Et si vous n’êtes pas encore inscrits, rendez-vous ici. Suite au lancement P+sitive Post, le nouveau site d’actualité lancé depuis le 22 janvier et fruit de […]

Six Steps to Define a Content Marketing Strategy

Are You Ahead or Behind the Curve?   Looking ahead to 2015 and beyond, brands that are going to find greater successful with their ongoing digital marketing efforts will be the ones who have a strategic vision and plan for implementing content marketing. If you are not already experimenting with processes and workflow, performing tests […]

Emakina adds Spanish digital agency Bubblegum to network of group partners

Emakina Group and Spanish digital agency Bubblegum  announced their structural partnership. The agreement brings extra local knowledge of the Spanish market to Emakina’s international services. Bubblegum holds a strong reputation both in mass market and pharmaceutical communication. The Barcelona based agency was ranked #1 Spanish agency in healthcare in the Aspid 2013 and 2014 ranking. […]

Emakina imagine une expérience immersive 3D pour Jaeger-LeCoultre

À l’occasion du SIHH, le Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie qui s’est déroulé du 19 au 23 janvier 2015, Jaeger-LeCoultre a fait confiance à Emakina afin d’apporter une expérience digitale sur son stand. Renforcer le thème de l’Astral associé à une gamme de montre Jaeger-LeCoultre tout en sublimant les produits était un enjeu primordial pour la marque. Montrer la […]

L’invité de la Quinzaine: Véronique Aptekman, Fondatrice de The Paris Spotter

Tous les quinze jours, retrouvez l’interview de la Quinzaine dans votre Newsletter Food For Thought. Ouvrez vos chakras, boostez votre quotient “cool” et insufflez le bon mot! Et si vous n’êtes pas encore inscrits, rendez-vous ici. Avec The Paris Spotter, Véronique Aptekman propose une expérience alternative aux bons vieux cahiers créés par les bureaux de […]

Digital campaign for ‘One Million Ticket’ Lottery

Over the holiday season, Loterie Romande created an original countdown campaign with its ‘One Million Ticket’ Advent calendar. The digital part of this major end-of-year campaign year was in the hands of digital transformation agency Emakina, who launched the ‘One Million Ticket’ website. Emakina’s team imagined and developed an evolving site, with a build up […]

FIVB And Emakina Get Gold At The Sitecore Experience Award 2014

FIVB (International Federation of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball) and Emakina get Gold at the Benelux Sitecore Experience Award 2014 for the creation of a digital eco-system. The prize, called the “Best Digital Marketing Solution Award“ is for the work carried out by Emakina and The Reference, a member of the Emakina Group. The International Federation for Volleyball and Beach Volleyball FIVB […]

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