New website

For the TotalFinaElf group, there is the creation of the brand-new TotalFinaElf in Belgium website (the first after the merger of the three entities). A spectacular site with its architecture based around a virtual city modelled in 3D and animated in Flash. After having built the Internet site and the Intranet site for the group’s […]

An annual report in Flash on SWIFT

An original presentation for the SWIFT annual report. Emakina has Flash animated SWIFT’s latest annual report, which means that an annual report can be sexy at long last. This is a first in the banking world. Let’s remember that Emakina was also responsible for the graphic layout of the whole website.

Emakina revamps FortisBusiness

Fortis has entrusted the redesigning and development of its business site to Emakina. Initially built in Java by MachFirst, the site will be complemented with lots of new services and there will be corrections to its interface on two fronts: usability and graphic layout. Finally lots of other improvements and Cybermarketing initiatives are planned so […]