Emakina designs THE VOICE Belgique’s new look

The incredible power of a voice… If you watch French-speaking television in Belgium, you certainly already know The Voice, the show where unknown artists have a chance to let the world hear their voice. In order to freshen up its style for the 5th season, Emakina developed a motion design approach to bring a note of fantasy […]

48 hours of EmHackinathon concentrated in 2 minutes (video)

The hackathon Emakina organized with Microsoft Internet of Things a few weeks ago was a real success, as we already wrote about (click to check out the projects). Here’s a short video for those of you who want to relive this exceptional weekend – or just have a look at the atmosphere of this creative IoT […]

Laurane, from Hackathon star to New Colleague

The Emakina family is growing and we’re on a roll, with exciting projects, new technological solutions and above all, a magical melting pot of talent from various backgrounds. It is exciting to witness how new talent jumps aboard this fast train, and becomes part of the movement. Laurane Colignon, already well at home at Emakina […]

Emakina prend pied en Scandinavie en rachetant l’agence suédoise Dempsey

Emakina Group annonce aujourd’hui le rachat à 100% de l’agence Suédoise Demp Sthlm AB « Dempsey » basée à Stockholm avec laquelle un partenariat commercial existe depuis fin 2013. Cette acquisition permet à Emakina de prendre pied en Scandinavie et de conforter sa position de leader parmi les agences digitales full services indépendantes européennes. L’équipe digitale multi-disciplinaire […]

Emakina lance Emakina/Things, une nouvelle offre dédiée aux objets connectés

Dans un monde de plus en plus connecté Emakina, agence leader en Europe dans la transformation digitale des marques, innove en créant un pôle dédié aux objets connectés. L’Internet des Objets (IoT) présente de nombreuses opportunités pour construire des expériences uniques, créatives, et ainsi connecter les marques à leurs audiences et améliorer l’engagement des clients. […]

Philippe Masseau rejoint Emakina comme « Engagement Practice Leader »

Passionné de nouvelles technologies et entrepreneur du web dès 1995, il participe à l’aventure Business Interactif et intègre en 2007 le groupe Publicis comme partner de Digitas LBi france. Convaincu que le contenu est au coeur de la stratégie des marques, il prend la direction de l’agence éditoriale Verbe en 2010 puis de l’agence de […]

Two ‘green’ EEA films selected for showing at COP21

The COP21 meeting in Paris is a key event in the global movement to adress the world’s pollution and climate challenges. According to the organizing committee, the objective of the 2015 conference is to achieve, for the first time in over 20 years of UN negotiations, a binding and universal agreement on climate, from all […]

7 billion gamers: video games every freaking where!

This article was published in Inside Digimedia’s 2016 Casebook. From its first experimental academic beginnings to the largest leisure industry in the world: the success story of video games is also the story of the world that is changing at an exponential pace with technological progress and a tribute to the predictions of Gordon Moore, […]

Emakina’s awesome Wingsuit totally won Digital First 2015! (video)

This year’s edition of Digital First was a huge success: more than 4,000 digital enthusiasts and professionals attended the exceptional keynotes, listened to the expert speakers, chatted with the exhibitors and generally shared their digital passion, questions and solutions with each other. But one attraction in particular captured the attention of the amazed people who […]

Emakina acquires Swedish cutting edge agency Dempsey

Emakina Group strengthens its position in Scandinavia, with the acquisition of Dempsey, a successful Stockholm-based digital marketing agency. Dempsey’s multi-disciplinary team of 16 experts is active in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. It has been a partner of the Emakina Group since 2013, serving clients across all Nordic countries with cutting edge marketing solutions. Dempsey’s […]

Emakina welcomes Alex Papanastassiou as new Integration Manager

We’re happy to welcome Alex Papanastassiou as our new Integration Manager in the group management team. He will assist Integration Director Bart Roofthooft in further developing the group’s international reach, boosting collaboration between all group entities, and in welcoming new ones. In 2015, the Emakina group added offices in Vienna, Salzburg, Zurich, and Zagreb, bringing […]

Brand Experience, à vos marques : Et si le nouveau référentiel était le rapport Expérience – Prix ?

Le Brand Experience Score© est une étude exclusive de 15 marques de bricolage et de jardinage évaluées par 2 531 français au prisme de l’expérience. Une étude qui souligne que nous sommes entrés de plein pied dans une nouvelle ère : celle de l’économie de l’expérience.     Il est important de rappeler que l’étude […]

Emakina Group opens new office in Zagreb

Non- Regulated information Following the integration of diamond:dogs into the Emakina Group in September 2015, the strategic expansion of the group into Central Europe continues with the newly opened office in Zagreb, Croatia. The new Emakina.HR office in Zagreb  15 staff members of the recently founded Emakina.HR, together with experienced digital expert Petar Kozjak, will […]

Emakina mini-football fans unite for kickoff

Just because many Emakinians are geeks, doesn’t mean we don’t love us some sports. This is 2015 and mens sana in corpore sano still means something. Especially to people who studied latin. But that’s not the point. The point is: Emakinians love to pretend they know how to football, and they are going to have to […]

Check out all the EmHackinathon projects!

Last weekend, Emakina organized its first hackathon in collaboration with Microsoft Internet of Things. 48 hours of coding, brainstorming, testing, eating, sleeping, designing, laughing frantically from exhaustion after accidentally deleting hours of work, crying on the floor, then building it all back up again while thinking about Kipling’s poem ‘If’ – and many more wonderful […]

Pro Skydiver Jokke Sommer impressed by first virtual flight

Pro Skydiver Joakim AKA Jokke Sommer is one of the best and most experienced skydivers in the world. So, no wonder Cédric Artiges of Emakina/ Applications was excited when this world star visited Emakina’s stand at the Créa Digital Day in Geneva to try out the virtual Wingsuit, created by his team. Together with Arnaud […]

David Bredael and Pierre Pôlet new MDs of Emakina.BE

David Bredael and Pierre Pôlet have taken over the role of Brice Le Blévennec as Managing Director of Emakina.BE. The new co-MDs will build on their broad respective experience in the company as Sales Director and Operations Director, further concentrating on these domains, while together taking ownership of the results of Emakina.BE.  David Bredael, Brice […]

Philippe Masseau New Engagement Practice Leader at Emakina.FR

Emakina is happy to welcome Philippe Masseau at Emakina.FR as “Engagement Practice Leader”. Passionate about new technologies, Philippe is a successful web entrepreneur since 1995. For Philippe, content is at the heart of brand strategy. He specialised in Interactive Business development, joining Publicis in 2007 as partner of Digitas France LBi. In 2010, he translated […]

Emakina dévoile le Brand Experience Score© Wave 3 : étude des secteurs du bricolage et du jardinage

Après les deux précédentes études sur les marques du secteur des cosmétiques et de la mode féminine, c’est avec plaisir que nous révélons aujourd’hui les résultats du Brand Experience Score© Wave 3 qui s’intéresse aux marques de bricolage et de jardinage. A découvrir plus en détails sur www.brandexperienceplatform.fr. Le Brand Experience Score est un indice […]

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